A tribute to Roland Hayes (June 3, 1887 - January 1, 1977)

A digital representation of(f) the record 'Roland Hayes & Reginald Boardman - 1954 - Roland Hayes Sings The Life Of Christ'.

Album (88.2 kHz / 24 bit):

Tracklisting (44.1 kHz / 16 bit):


A1 - Prepare Me One Body

Christ's Birth, Boyhood And Ministry

A2 - Three Wise Men To Jerusalem Came

A3-1 - Lit'l Boy

A3-2 - Live A-humble

A4 - He Raised Poor Lazarus

A5 - You Hear The Lambs A-cryin'

A6 - Plenty Good Room

The Passion Of Our Lord

B1-1 - The Last Supper

B1-2 - Who Betrayed My Lord?

B1-3 - They Led My Lord Away

B1-4 - He Never Said A Mumberlin' Word

B2 - Did You Hear When Jesus Rose?

B3 - Where You There?

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